Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who ARE These People?

Where are my children? These happy, energetic, mature, kind, helpful little people have taken over my cranky kids. Can't say as I miss 'em much! LOL!

Day 2 went off without a hitch and today is Day 3 of the Evolution Revolution. Only problem is-we are out of FOOD. Ha! They ate 5 bunches of bananas in 3 days. I mean we do have a biggish family, but holy crow! We are also out of nuts, most seeds, and nearly all the dried fruits. Right now I am doing my best to feed them dense raw foods, such as dehydrated treats, and nuts and seeds. I don't want them to get too hungry right now. I don't mind how much they are eating and they have pretty much devoured everything I've made.

Monday night we had a tweaked version of Alissa Cohen's Rawvioli and a side salad. Last night we had Snowdrop's Cheezy Corn Chowder (found at and Mattye's Liveburgers! (from Frugal Raw, Raw on the Cheap) . They liked both.

We also made Gus's Rawlmond Joy-which is a recipe my son created a year or 2 ago after he had a hankering for his old favorite-Almond Joy.

They children do seem to be naturally shying away from fats, so I have been adding them to their morning smoothies.

This morning they had Chocomylk and hashbrowns. (you can find the recipe for hashbrowns @ search under garshbowns). The chocomylk is just sesame mylk (our favorite), cacao, sweetener, and a dash of salt. Abe chose to add frozen strawberries to his and have a chocoberrymylkshake.

The biggest change is that they seem to LOVE this new level of taking care of their own bodies. Once you go raw it really takes the guess work out of what and how much of something you can eat. When you are raw you can eat anything and everything you desire.

Also-there has been a shift in old fears. My daughter has never been fond of the outdoors. She is actaully a little afraid, after her big brother filled her head with stories of Forest Ghosts, rabid black bears and hungry mountain lions. But the other day she went outside, cheerfully and found a toad hopping under the apple trees. Half jokingly I said "Go get 'em Addie!" to which she replied "OOOOkay!" and she chased that little toadie down and scooped him up. She waited until I ran back with the camera and took these shots. It may seem small but this is the only child that you have to BEG to stop doing school work and go outside! LOL! Here she is with her new found friend....or captive, perhaps.

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