Friday, October 3, 2008

Many Positive Changes

So many good happening going on around here.

Abe has probably has the most positive results so far. He has become a much more content and happier child since going raw. Abe had a soccer game last night. Most nights, the children become very restless and start goofing around while they are wiating to sub for their teammates. Eventually it gets out of hand and a parent needs to go over and tell them to quiet down, pay attention to the game, stop stuffing grass down everyone's shirts, no pony rides, no pig piling, no hitting, etc. Abe always tries to refrain, but eventually he's in the middle of it and I have to go and speak to him-But not last night. For the first time this season, he stayed *completely* focused on the game, choose not to sit with the children that were particularly rowdy last night, and he asked questions about how to work on his positioning and performance. Justing looked at me and said "Do you think it's the food?" and I do. He has been such a loving and pleasant boy these past 12 days.

Gus has been really getting into preparing his own foods. Last night he whipped up some Almond Butter Balls for everyone's dessert. He has always had an interest in creating dishes since he went gf/cf almost 3 years ago. He is getting creative in his ideas and has a real talent as a raw foods chef! We have found that we all love sprouted buckwheat for bread-type foods, so I placed a large order with the Co-op, including a 25 lb bag of buckwheat groats!

Emmet has recovered from his bad weekend. I think his bad weekend was due to a sudden drop in his medication and possibly some detox. We have put him back on his full dose and will continue with the raw foods for now. He has shown some improvement though. He and Gus got into an argument last night and Emmet was quick to apologize. That's pretty major for a child with Autism since they can't relate to other people's feelings and there world/view is always correct.

Justin's hanging in there the best he can and he even suggested that we get rid of the stove top on the island counter, so we have more space.

Addie Mae has shown a lot of improvement. She has been much less shy and has even been talking more at school. She truly does not love raw food (yet!), but she has been willing to try new things. She is quite pleased with herself when she finds raw foods that she likes.

As for myself, I am on a juice fast. Today is day 3. I would like to go 30 or 40 days, but I am going to let my body decide. I do a longer juice fast each fall, last year's was 34 days. I am curious to see what this year will bring.

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